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Lola Doll 36cm bath

Lola Doll 36cm bath
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Brand: Berenguer
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Lola Doll 36cm with a dress for the bath, body made of soft rubber.
Berenguer dolls are a wonderful range of dolls with an amazing mix of quality design and playability.
Dolls that make up this collection are perfect for lovers
faithfully reproduce the smile, the look and attitudes of babies

Castalla is a charming Spanish village that seems straight out of a fairy tale. Perched on top of a hill overlooking the village an ancient and impregnable castle, from which the eye can pet a world full of woods and selvi, which, depending on the season, are colored in many shades. In this small village in the countryside, a long time ago, exactly in 1944, a talented sculptor named Jose Berenguer fascinated and charmed the locals with the beautiful wonders that his genius created: beautiful, realistic art bèbè reproducing real babies.
Jose Berenguer, who enjoyed a great reputation for unsurpassed craftsmanship and skill, passed down the secrets of his art to his heirs, even today, continue his work while maintaining the high level of craft procedures and charm of bèbè. Until the end of the 80s, these dolls were known with the name of "Berjusa". But by the early '90s onwards, were named Berenguer, in honor of their creator.

"The name and organization of the business have changed, but the high quality and the emphasis is on the expression realistic rimasta.Oggi the company has entered the global market for doll collectors and play doll, but the attention to craft designed as an artistic product once it has never changed, "says Juan Cerda, grandson of Jose and current owner and manager of the company. Juan Cerda, a man who has chosen the monecas (doll in Spanish) as a fundamental commitment, which led the family business at the highest levels of success.

In 1980, in fact, Juan Cerda he decided to embark on a new adventure: groped a distribution strategy in the US market to conquer a space in the market. It was an instant hit and hit. In the United States, as well as becoming popular, the bèbè Berenguer also contributed to the growth of a new technique and art form that was evolving in the field of aesthetic doll collection: Reborn.

The Berenguer stand out compared to other dolls, for some specificity of particular importance to the Reborn as the translucent nature of the vinyl they are made and realism and sensitivity of the faces. Although there are other major producers such as Lee Middleton, Ashton Drake, Adora and Juan Antonio, who make dolls with similar characteristics and that the results are still excellent quality, the Berenguer dolls are far prefer reborners more 'demanding and refined.

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