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Milky Bunny Emotion Pets

Milky Bunny Emotion Pets
Category: Soft Toys  
Brand: Giochi Preziosi
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Emotion Pets Milky Bunny

Sounds, movements and emotions real!

Milky Bunny is an adorable Snow White. And 'the second born of the family Emotion Pets.

Move your eyes, ears and zampe.Si alarm. Milky need the care of his young master! blinks slowly to draw attenzione.Ha hunger. milky eating her delicious carrot! Move the muzzle and thanked all his affection.

Milky gets scared when she hears a loud noise, closes his eyes and shaking his ears. With cuddling calms down and returns happy. When Milky feels just draws attention to moving his ears and eyes. Milky ticklish and shaking paws amused.

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Eccelente venditore e la recomando a tutti. tristounette2009 (47) 18-10-2012

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